LICK A LOLLY: Would you?

This morning, Bob lead me to the following entry this morning on FARK.
Again, I haven't seen this footage since I was a wee bit.
I can understand what all of the fuss is about (make sure to scan some of the comments at FARK and YouTube)...
Still, I don't look at this clip the way others have been.
I am convinced many of the people leaving such negative and creepy comments did not grow up in the 1970s.
(Also, the outfits are just the sweetest things!)
Do enjoy.


Anonymous said…
i remember this too. mostly that great dance step on the way out. lilly is nuttin but sass when she turns to lick her lolly. god LLove the doubLLe LL.
Dusty said…
Thank you for seeing this! All Electric Company brings is education + loopy entertainment.