Time-Warp : 1940s fashion for the 21st Century

Bob stumbled across this fashion piece from the Daily Mail, online.

It seems to me every 20 years (since the early 1970s) there has been a resurgence in looks from the World War II period.

I find this entry from the Daily Mail to be a piece filler. There's no depth here. What they are telling us is not the most interesting or the freshest take on fanatics of 1940s fashion but it'll do for those of you who may be getting into "the look" for the first time or want to inject some true glamour into your modern wardrobe.

I must say - the young miss in the blue jumper is spot on. She's flawless! She's to die for!


Little Rascal said…
Ehm, don't want to nag here but the girl in the blue pants has a 1950's bag in her hand. Ops!
Dusty said…
Little Rascal:

True. She is holding a handbag from the 1950s. The story (from the Daily Mail) was slanted towards fashions of the 1940s. I don't have a problem with her look at all.