Death of the Rock-N-Roll Real Estate Agent

Meet the Rock 'n' Roll Real Estate Agent Lunch at the Four Seasons

By Pranay Gupte - Special to the New York Sun (December 29, 2005)

Linda Stein keeps on rocking. "It's called having fun," the star broker at Prudential Douglas Elliman said yesterday. "I've had a lifetime of it." That lifetime has included teaching fifth grade in Riverdale after obtaining a master's degree in education from Teachers College at Columbia University. It has included hanging out in Paris for six months. After the birth of her daughters, Mandy and Samantha, she joined the music business of then husband Seymour Stein at Sire Records. Ms. Stein's lifetime of fun has also included managing rock 'n' roll bands such as the Ramones, the quartet she handled along with the legendary Danny Fields."The rock 'n' roll business is mild compared to the real estate industry," Ms. Stein said. "If you think you've experienced the most vicious competition, think again. But hey, I'm still here. I'm still rockin'."

Linda Stein was murdered October 30 of this year.
She was roughly 62 years of age.
May she rest in peace.