Crazy Robertson: Los Angeles Eccentric Exploited For Profit?

I just got wind of the fact that West Hollywood fixture, Crazy Robertson, is now some hipster fashion icon and quasi celebrity. His likeness is being sold on t-shirts and other crap, in that splatter paint, electric style like the store Heaven made popular in the late 70s.

Bob sent me this link and it hurt my stomach. There is also a My Space page set up for Crazy Robertson to use.

To watch him do his thing, he is usually skate-dancing between Santa Monica and/ or Robertson. It's all too common for "normal" people and tourists stop, look, and laugh at him but he's interesting (from a far). Crazy Robertson is local color, which is a dying thing in Hollywood and everywhere else you look. Hopefully for him, he is getting something out of the deal. We'll keep you posted.