ABOVE: Poster of Santa Claus(1959/Mexico)

If you have never seen the motion picture entitled Santa Claus - I suggest you either catch up on:

* your night owl television watching

* Telemundo/Univision

* scouring your local thrift stores or dollar stores for a copy on V.H.S.

Both Bob and I discovered (when getting to know one another) that we are both great fans of this movie. The first time I viewed it was in the early 1990's on channel 22(K-WHY/Los Angeles). I recall scrambling for a loose video cassette tape to pick up any of this gem that I could. In the later part of the decade, I worked at an adult bookstore that did not have its' proper licensing and codes. The front of the store sold hundreds of close-out video cassette tapes. One being this film! I bought and horded all copies I could of this most excellent and bizarre B-movie. Eventually giving them out as Christmas gifts to a select few.

Whether you can decipher what is being said or not - Santa Claus (the movie) is a visual de-light!