You've been Blacklisted! A tribute to celebrity fashion critic Mr. Blackwell

Mr. Blackwell R.I.P.

Enjoy Mr. Blackwell's spoken word classic "Whatever Happened to Women?" courtesy of April Winchell

Some of our favorites from his famous worst-dressed lists:
Ann-Margret "Moisten in and sequins...what a miss?" (1969)
Cass Elliot "Little Orphan Annie in gowns by Oscar Meyer." (1968)
Carol Burnett "Looks like a tornado hit the bargain basement and Carol collected it all." (1968)
Elizabeth Taylor "Looks like two small boys fighting under a mink blanket." (1968)
Judy Garland "Poor thing — apparently left all her fashionable clothes in that trunk she's always talking about." (1962)

Mr. Blackwell(background) and actress Jayne Mansfield (early 1960's) (image courtesy of Donna Lethal)


Dusty DeMure said…
To our dear readers:

I also would like to add - that if you live in the greater Los Angeles area actor/ musician/ comic/ writer, Harry Shearer has a radio program he broadcasts almost every Sunday from the studios of K-CRW. It is called 'Le Show'.

On Le Show, one of Shearer's regular characters is Mr. Blackwell (based on the original Hollywood fashion critic who was once really big in the Southland during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s). (Search for "Strickly From Blackwell" in the Le Show archives).

Funny stuff!

Dusty & Bob