Her eyes say it all! - The sunglasses of Peggy Guggenheim

Since I was twelve or thirteen years of age, I have been in love with owning a pair of legendary art doyenne Peggy Guggenheim's trademark sunglasses.

First created for Ms. Guggenheim by American abstract artist Edward Melcarth, when exactly she received her first pair from him - I don't know.

Although not as ornate as her original collection, I have discovered the Guggenheim Museum in N.Y.C. is currently offering up delicious facsimiles for the eyes at $250.00 dollars a pop.

$250.00 dollars - in colors blue, gray and white. They can be found online or in a Guggenheim store.

$250.00 dollars... If only I was near the boardwalk on Venice Beach.
I could get 'em for next to nothing and have change to spare (or, buy a picnic basket's worth in corn dogs and freshly-squeezed lemonade from Hot Dog on a Stick!)

Above: Peggy Guggenheim (circa,1950s)