Time Warp Wives: Sammi Sadler (Channel 4/ 2008)

Sometime in early October, we finally were able to view an episode from Channel 4's First Cut series entitled Time Warp Wives. This mini-documentary is about British women (and the men who love them) who live and breathe vintage lifestyles.

I found out about this program from a posting on Vintage Style Network (defunct as of Winter, 2008). It has caused quite a stir 'round the world as a matter of fact.
I suggest you get a hold of it, watch it, and come to your own conclusion as to whether their stories were distorted or not. If you were to ask us, we think the ladies were roasted badly.

One of the stories was of 20-year-old Sammi Sadler. Miss Sadler may be familiar to some readers of this blog from the entry we posted earlier this year about the resurgence of 1940s style in the 21st century.

In our opinion, she faired far better in Time Warp Wives than the other women did.

Plus, the kid is a stunning pony! Look at her!

No offense to you, Miss Sadler, but when the camera first showed your face as you were getting ready for your day - we both sighed, looked at one another and said, "What's the story here?"..."She's too beautiful!"..."The style is pin-point perfect"..."Is that a man?!"
And, I (as a woman) love a flawless creature in vintage to couture, female or a male dressed as a female. She didn't give us that creepy feeling of someone trying to be a carbon copy of any one who is famous, infamous, dead or alive. These elements may influence her style or not. We don't know. What we do know is that she is refreshing.