Everything old is new again: Vintage Style Network

Every man, woman and child (yes, even you of the younger set!) who adore/collects/wears/lives in a vintage way …
It is a must that you check out Vintage Style Network.

Listen up!

Of the oh-so-many blogs Bob and I gobble up every month (There's your Thanksgiving reference from me) — this thing (V.S.N.) is just one more rare gem to toss into the pile of growing vintage-flavored blogs from sisters April and Lala.

Lala you may know from her candy-coated set on Flickr or her website, Lala-A-Go-Go; April from her handy-dandy, parasol-twirlin' website, Miss Vintage.

Together, the pair are a juggernaut of information and are spreading the word to those who love secondhand...adore a look that is locked away in time or trapped on the set of Mad Men, Homefront, The Partridge Family (fill-in-the-blank with whatever program inspired you) and just need that extra push or a place to feed off of other creative old souls.
These sisters are doing what my sisters and I cannot do — which is construct a website and have the patience to see the job through.

Also word to us older "old vintage-style souls" (for the younger set, this means over 30), we have gotta save these young men and women from the very idea that living a vintage is not paired down to idolizing a dozen or more celebrities, Dita Von Teese, Bettie Page, and the one-eyed corporate thing which "Rockabilly" has become.
Do not get me wrong, I applaud the mere fact these kids are making the effort but something in their water has taken the disease and vile-nature out of shopping vintage and second-hand … thus taking the sex and grit out of it all.
Why can't things just be like it used to be?!
See! There's my problem … what used to be is — POOF! Gone!
I again have rattled off at the mouth like Sister Aimee McPherson
and Anthony Bourdain's love-child.
Never a bad thing … just a blunt thing (and I am being gentle).

V.S.N. has been up and running for over ten months.
I signed up recently and I am now hooked.

I know … I know — you are telling yourself, "Golly! Do I really need to get sucked into just one more social networking scene on the World Wide Web?!"

Aw! Don't question me, pal!
Get on over there …

Now, scram!