Pretty Possums: Dame Edna lands a deal with M.A.C. cosmetics

Look at those moist and glossy lips!
Stare into those crusty blue frosted eyeshadowed lids!
See those out of control bruised cheekbones!

Dame Edna Everage.
She's back and she is coming for you…you…and y-o-u with a full line of cosmetics from M.A.C.
Yes, M.A.C.
You read it correctly.
M.A.C. - not Wet 'N Wild… not Rimmel but M.A.C.

This now means you (or a decoy) have got to go down to the cosmetics counter, in person, and ask for it.

The colors aren't meant for a shrinking violet or any women of color unless she wishes to look like this or she/he can make it work. A special talent indeed!

Ha! I love this so much!