Trixie and Mavis visit the Luray Caverns
Fisher-Price has dropped scenic View-Master reels to focus on licensed character-themed reels.

The iconic reels of tourist attractions, often packaged with a clunky plastic viewer and first sold to promote 3-D photography, are ending their 70-year run after years of diminishing sales.

Collectors like Mary Ann Sell of Maineville, Ohio, are dismayed.

"The whole summer I was 5 years old, before I went to school, I traveled the world via View-Master. It was great, and now kids won't have the opportunity to do that," said Sell, 57, who owns upwards of 25,000 scenic reels.

Scenic discs are no longer a good fit for the Fisher-Price division of toy maker Mattel Inc., a spokeswoman said, and the company stopped making them in December.

Worldwide Slides has long been a great source of all types of reels, especially scenic reels but old reels of all types still remain on the collectors market.