Famous Photographers Tell How


Henri Cartier-Bresson

You've got your old Kiev88 you won on eBay (and are pretty sure you got overcharged for shipping) from some guy in Ukraine or your new Diana repro (that you know you paid too much for) and you want to hit the streets for some good old-fashioned street photography.

If you want to take photos like these, don't waste your time with your nose in a book or eyes glued to the Innernette — the LP Famous Photographers Tell How can help.

At Boogie Woogie Flu hear Weegee and Henri Cartier-Bresson explain how they do it.


Erica McDonald said…
I transcribed the Henri Cartier Bresson interview into a written word document and you can find it on my site under ’scribbling in the dark’, along with the other photographers’ talks. It was easier for me to fully digest what he was saying by reading than listening alone, and I figured it would be good to have it out there for anyone wanting to reference it down the line, as well as for anyone who has trouble with HCB’s accent. If I get time, I’ll transcribe the Weegee one as well.