As Cute as a Button: Vintage style dresses {August, 2009}

Merona green shift dress with belt {Target} $39.00

Twelve by Twelve black silk puff sleeved dress with peach belt {Forever 21} $ 42.00

"Party Planner" floral dress {Mod Cloth} $ 57.99


Little Rascal said…
Ohh, the last one looks SO English.
Love the green color on the first one.
ellen jo said…
Love these! Thanks for the links to such cool fashions, you style maven, you!
Dusty said…
Little Rascal: Yes, it is. The floral print is somewhat reminiscent of Southern belles here in the South. I'd like it if it were a bit longer, just to cover the knees! The green dress is pretty nice looking for something from a department store and cost effective too.

Ellen Jo: Me, a "style maven"?? Ha! Well, I will accept your compliment my friend.