Eat It Up! - The White Tiger Gourmet {Athens, Georgia}

Bob and I have been chowing down at the ram-shackled white cottage on Hiawassee (White Tiger Gourmet) for almost one year. White Tiger is owned and run by Amanda Krouse and Ken Manring. They have an small, helpful and friendly staff. And their toddler, Glenlee, will greet you with a fist full of blueberries and a chubby-cheeked smile. As I once described on Yelp (when I had an account), it's like eating on Walton's Mountain with a cup o' magic dust sprinkled on top. The place has a Depression era feel. They've got mis-matched tables and chairs. Locals are always stopping in to shout, "How do you do?!" Music is a mix of funky, bouncy, eclectic…just f-u-n! The food is delicious…worth every freakin' dime. They are open Tuesday through Saturday; 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Fridays and (as of to-night) Saturdays, The Tiger is open for dinner (or is it called 'supper' here in the South?) 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (called 'Night Tiger').

Above: Inside The White Tiger Gourmet

Below: homemade S'more chocolate bark

The White Tiger Gourmet
217 Hiawassee Avenue
Athens, GA. 30601
telley-phone-no: (706) 353-6847


Seeing as that I currently reside in Athens, I may have to check this place out!