Indianapolis, Indiana: The Flying Cupcake Bakery

I was in Indianapolis, Indiana last week. Some dear friends of mine stopped by The Flying Cupcake bakery in Broad Ripple - a spot a little north of Indianapolis - to pick up dessert. I'd tasted (The) Flying Cupcake when we lived in Indianapolis a year and a half ago and had to smile.

Yes, cupcake bakeries are "tired" to some. They are actually tired to me having worked in Beverly Hills when the original Sprinkles opened in 2005. I know a top notch cupcake when I taste one. Flying Cupcake bakery has got it all and more! The decor is up my alley - heavy with vintage touches and smelling all cake-y and sweet and heavenly. The staff was friendly and helpful. The cupcakes are a deee-lite!

Shop. Eat. Go, cat, go!
The Flying Cupcake Bakery.