USA 1 — England 0

Joe Gaetjens is feted in Belo Horizonte after the USA beat England in the 1950 World Cup.

That of course was the result in the 1950 World Cup match between The US and England in Brazil.

The big news in the US at the time was the US bombing of North Korea after the North Koreans captured Seoul; while not completely ignored, the tournament received little mention in US newspapers and the Associated Press incorrectly attributed the goal in the England match to Ed Souza instead of Joe Gaetjens (follow the link for his incredible story).

Lewiston Evening Journal (Lewiston, Maine) June 30, 1950.

Miami Daily News June 30, 1950

The 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off today and the 15th-ranked United States team faces No. 8 England Saturday.

If you lived through the NASL-led US soccer boom of the Seventies you've been hearing predictions for years of widespread acceptance of soccer in the USA, take a look at this article from Pittsburgh's The Gazette Times of July 26, 1919: