Memo for men

Bert Bacharach (1898-1983) — not to be confused with his son, composer Burt Bacharach (the different spelling comes from Bert's dislike of his name Bertram as a youth and not wanting his son to feel the same way) — is a superb source for anyone interested in men's mid-century garmenture and style.
"I'm a Men's Wear Authority, not a men's fashion editor. People who make cracks about a man covering fashions—well, I'm big enough to handle the situation," Bacharach explained to Pittsburgh Press fashion editor Lenore Brundige in a 1947 interview.
"Too much is written about loud ties, bright shorts or clothes that don't fit into the lives of the average fellow … I'm interested in telling the man who can afford only a forty-dollar suit how to pick good materials, what colors make up the best combinations, and styles that are suitable for the occasion."

Bert Bacharach's Book For Men (1953) — as well as the similar Right Dress (1955) — is indispensable for anyone wanting to understand and put together an authentic vintage look — Mad Men devotees take note.
Illustration by Jesse Washington from Bert Bacharach's Book For Men

Bacharach addresses more than sartorial topics in — as he did in his weekly, nationally-syndicated column "Stag Lines" — including advice on keeping in shape, personal care, even how to tip your hat correctly and a comfortable way to lace your shoes that the previous owner of my copy of Right Dress raved "!!magic!!"
"Stag Lines" Nov. 4, 1951 St. Petersburg Times

"Memo for Men" Nov. 6, 1954 St. Petersburg Times