We Love You "Mad Men"… Oh, Yes, We Do!


This is an open letter to those of you who are hardcore, die-hard fans of this (so far) incredible cable television program and who leave less-than-educated questions or comments attached to articles, message boards and photographs of you and your friends who adore Mad Men and post this "stuff" online. Some of you could be so close to hitting the mark, with just a few tips peppered with points about the show I simply wish to make.

Here they are and they are just five key things.

No. 1 Head to your local library or bookstore — Heck, even search online! — and pick up non-fiction material relating to period of time the show is centered on for the season you are viewing and educate yourselves.

I do not know how many comments alone have been left by supposed adults, older than Bob and me (maybe even in our age group), who don't know a thing about what was happening in the United States during the 1960s. Folks will actually say, "I was born in 1950 but I don't remember people lifting up their picnic blankets and leaving their trash all over the place!" Really‽ I was born some 20 years later and when I was old enough, I do remember people in parks and in homes and in public places doing all sorts of things we today would call abominations. Folks come over to our home and see we only have rotary-dial telephones. This has freaked many out. And I am talking about adults who grew up with them.

No. 2 Sally Draper is a well-dressed nutjob and I like her fine. We all went to school with some sensitive child who would always disrupt everything and had "problems" adjusting. We also went to school with children whose parents beat the crap out of 'em and they turned out fine. Look, mom! No doctor-prescribed drugs! (Well, some children took them). Plus, who knows what weird kid Glenn was telling her when she was younger. When she's a teen, she'll meet some fans' expectations and end up in the Manson family (and you saw it here first!).

No. 3 Sal was gold. He'll be back — hopefully before show is off the air. I think he was too rich of a character to let go of.

No. 4 I love Pete, Pete's wife - Trudy, The Barretts and Duck Phillips. There, I said it!

N0. 5 Study the fashions of the era. I beg of you! Female and male fans.
Some of you out there have got it down — I know this. But, for the others, dig this:
Season four of Mad Men begins in fall of 1964. The show's costume designer, I bow down and kiss her and her team's feet! Why? Because this is what I do — except I do not get paid for it. I've been collecting and wearing vintage clothes (primarily of this period — the mid- to late-1960s), going to thrift stores for several decades (I started when I was in junior high school). Dita von Teese is fanatical about her period looks (she seems to wear the '20s through the early '60s), well so am I. The head costume designer on the show knows what time it is and so should y-o-u.
casual Spring/Summer attire {1964}

Viewers of Mad Men, I have faith in you. So, please stop posting photographs of yourselves online without your foundation garments on, no hosiery on your legs, crumpled poly-blend suits, no false eyelashes, without proper makeup, without your wiglet or wig on, donning clothes which were clearly purchased from Forever 21 or T.J. Maxx.

Knees are not exposed … just yet.
Fabric is not s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y … just yet.
Wearing vintage in its correct way is no easy task!
The Whirl-A-Go-Go followers know this and so should you!

That is all for our lesson on this fine day.
Class is dismissed.

Season four of AMC's Mad Men airs this coming Sunday, July 25th (U.S.).