Baby, It's You!

Toban Allison (Vancouver, NA)

Michaeline Sexton (New York, New York)

Drena Bathemess (Orlando, Florida)

Erica Taylor (Brooklyn, New York)

For the last few seasons, Mad Men (along with A.M.C. and Banana Republic) have a contest where folks (some who may be actual fans of the program) - dress up as best they can and try to carry off what they believe is "Mad Men" style. As of this writing, there are over four hundred pages of never-going-to-be's and wanna-be's flaunting themselves on the official Mad Men website, hoping to grab Matthew Weiner's eye, and win airfare to Los Angeles as well as a walk on part on his award-winning show.

These fine folks are current contestants. We - Bob nor I - do not know them. We have no effect on this contest. We just think these are some of this year's best contestants. These are the ones who "get it".

Joshua Clark (Kent, Ohio)

Andrea (Madison, Wisconsin)

Olivia Lloyd
(Richmond, Virginia)

note: There is another contestant I really liked. Unfortunately, either she herself or the photographer she was working with decided she (the contestant) sit in an awkward pose (face away from the camera, resting on back with legs up - A popular pose in this contest!). I'll have to get her name. She was working a Warhol's Factory look - which for this contest is - refreshing and on the mark also.