Good evening, I am Vampira

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Life Jun 14, 1954
I wonder if other readers noticed in "Good Evening, I Am Vampira" (Life, June 14) the striking similarity between Vampira and the hauntingly homely woman shown in so many of Charles Addams' cartoons for
The New Yorker.
James E. Lauck
Van Wert, Ohio

• The similarity is not just coincidence. Vampira went to a masquerade ball dressed as Charles Addams' ghoulish female. There TV producer Hunt Stromberg Jr. took one flabbergasted look, decided to use her in a horror show.—ED.

——Life July 5, 1954

TV's Vampira, Maila Nurmi.

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Sarsaparilla said…
How fun! I just ran across some Charles Addams' New Yorker cartoons recently. There is a resemblance...
Bob said…
I never thought of Charles Addams's lady ghoul as "homely."