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I first saw Flash Gordon (maybe I'll get into Alex Raymond's comic strip or the radio show with Gale Gordon another time) — and the two following serials Flash Gordon Goes to Mars and Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe PBS in the '70s.
Before that I found at JM Fields (and still have) a large-format comic book with reprints of the comic strip's "Flash Gordon and the Vikings” story from 1968-'69.

The 1954 Flash Gordon series was filmed in Berlin and aired on the Dumont Network. Star Steve Holland was James Bama's model for Doc Savage paperback covers.

St. Petersburg Times Feb. 2, 1954
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Flash makes his first animated appearance, with other King Features stars, in 1972's The Man Who Hated Laughter.
I vaguely remember this one. No great writing and animation that looks like it took longer to film than draw.

Filmation's Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All from 1979 was based on a excellent script rejected by Dino De Laurentiis, whose version of Flash Gordon ended up with far more minuses than pluses. This was first split up into TV episodes and later in the early '80s re-edited back into full length as originally envisioned.