The mysterious photos of Allen Coe May

Allen Coe May
Wednesday when I reached into a box of envelopes to pull one out to put my rent check in I found a mystery.
I found eight photos and a business card (and a Man or Astro-man? sticker) inside four glued-together envelopes — two photos per envelope and the photos, which appear to be originally from a photo album, were cello-taped in each envelope. They were in a box of CVS envelopes and I don't know how they got there. I know I didn't put them there because I know not to tape photos and I'm sure I'd remember if I had a Man or Astro-man? sticker.

I did find some information online about Allen May, who lived in a suburb of Tulsa, Okla., and most of it was posted on Flickr.

If you are related to Mr. May or know his family please contact me.


50s Pam said…
Hi, Bob and Dusty. I am wondering if you'd like to also host the year-end Useless but Wonderful contest on your website. I'm thinking of asking some of the others on my blogroll as well. We could all take in entries and make it a collaborative thing. Let me know if you're interested.

Link to my post:

Take care, Pam
Dusty said…

We are trying to figure out what it is we could "lend" to the "cause".

Although, we do not have much time left, this contest does sound interesting to say thee least!

Funny...but were you trying to give the hint that these photographs Bob stumbled upon would be great fodder? :)

Thank you and happy holidays to you and yours!
Margaret said…

My name is Margaret May Belcher. My grandfather was Allen Coe May. He lived in Tulsa and owned a lumber company in Pawhuska (if my memory is correct on the town!). The photo is older than me, but it certainly looks like my grandfather. Can you post more information? I'm going to forward this website to my dad and uncles and see what they think.

Bob said…
Thanks for writing Margaret.

All the genealogical information I posted was found here.
The rest I researched via Google and that was all I found.

The photos can be seen here on Flickr.

elayne said…
Dear Bob, I am Margaret's aunt and I live in Indianapolis Indiana. I was the last family member who had possesion of the photos of Allen May. It would seem that those photos somehow got away from me--I think it was when I inadvertantly left some papers in a car we sold.

I would love to get the photos back of Margaret's Grandfather and my husband's father so we can put them in our family album. Do you by chance still have them?

It is amazing that you posted these photos and that Margaret was googling his name all within only a month's time.

I can either pick up the photos or reimburse you for mailing them to me, please just E-mail me or give me a call.

Elayne May