'That I made good music and made happy, their hearts' Yma Sumac 1922-2008

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Yma Sumac the Peruvian-born singer who possessed a multi-octave range and one of the most unique voices in the exotica musical genre died Saturday morning in Los Angeles.
Dusty found this 1957 story from the Los Angeles Times which tells of a brawl between her and husband Mois├ęs Vivanco that sounds as wild as anything The Daily Mail might print today about Amy Winehouse an Blake Fielder-Civil.
Singer Yma Sumac's home yesterday was the scene of the champion brawl in fighting Hollywood's history--featuring the Peruvian beauty herself, her estranged husband, two hot-blooded Inca dancers, three private detectives, a male Peruvian harpist and a collie dog named Prince.

The head-thumping, hair-pulling Donnybrook took place in the entry hall of the Cheviot Hills home as the tension in the Sumac household finally snapped into a shrieking extravaganza with sound effects in two languages, not to mention the barking of the dog.

The spark that touched off the swirling free-for-all was the strained relationship between the exotic songbird from the Andes and her high-strung Peruvian husband, Moises Vivanco, 38, whom she sued for divorce only a week ago.

The luxurious house shook from the piercing screams from Miss Sumac's celebrated five-octave voice as clothes ripped, flesh and bone struck flesh, blood flowed and at least one 220-pound private detective hit the deck under a tangle of assorted Peruvians.