Sugar swings

Sugar swings
With high fructose corn syrup being demonized as a contributor to American obesity, sugar is being touted as a healthier, natural alternative to HFCS.

But despite the name, high fructose corn syrup doesn't have much more fructose than sugar does (where were those branding people back when the stuff was invented?). The public's confusion over this matter has had the perverse effect of allowing the HFCS industry to paint itself as a victim, when really, it is a villain.

The study was released last month, but nutritionist Marion Nestle, who is obviously frustrated by the public's misperceptions about HFCS, took to her blog, Food Politics, to complain about it on Friday.

"Will the confusion about sugars never end?" she asked. The public, she said, incorrectly sees HFCS as "the new dietary evil." But, "HFCS isn't really high in fructose." Both table sugar and HFCS are about half fructose, half glucose (HFCS has a little more fructose in it).

Wondering just how much sugar is in your food?