Rat-A-Tat-Tat! - Miss L-Fire Aiming Right At You.

all images courtesy of: Miss L-Fire

Yes, Sammi Sadler IS proudly modeling Miss L-Fire footwear in the natty advertisement above. Your eyes, they do not deceive you. Yes, we are so glad to see her again but just know this - Miss L-Fire's footwear and handbags speak for themselves.

Personal favorites are:
the Ahoy There flat

the Hello Sailor wedge

the ShipShape

Overall, Miss L-Fire feels like the cousin to Irregular Choice footwear, minus the funky, space aged, 1980s designs. As of this writing, it is not known who is the brain behind Miss L-Fire. Perhaps, Ms. Sadler, herself(?) What is known is that here in the United States, select styles can be found at your nearest Anthropologie - which means they will be a pretty penny and more than likely not fit a female foot over size ten.


Anonymous said…
Yes, it is her company. Love the shoes!
Dusty said…
Anonymous: Well, thank you for this feedback! Miss-L Fire - RAH! RAH! RAH! :)
Anonymous said…
No, it is not:

Anonymous said…
No, it is not.

Anonymous said…
Hi There,

Miss L Fire is actually MY company, though I am very proud to have had Sammi working with us for the past 7 months....she's a cracker!
I started Miss L Fire around 6 years ago, after a variety of shoe jobs, as I wanted to create a glamorous, cute, yet not overtly bonkers shoe label (and our shoes ARE affordable)!
Do check out our website for more info:-