Edwin Newman at the 1964 New York World's Fair

For kicks…just because we can, Bob and I like to jog one another's memories with blips from the past. A few weeks ago, I wondered if either American television newsmen John Chancellor or Edwin Newman was still among the living. I discovered Chancellor passed away a few years ago but Newman was still living. Thrilled, I saw he even had an actual Facebook account. Why I was thrilled? A childhood memory, that's all. I did not "friend" him. Then, I looked around online and found this short film (above; there are six parts total) he hosted for the National Broadcasting Company in 1964. He played our eyes and ears at a World's Fair we could not attend with his grumpy humor.
Newman passed away August thirteenth but his death was not announced until today.


Dusty said…
Yes, the entire series is a
quizshowbob said…
Awesome! I love videos about the 64 World's Fair.
Bob said…
Glad everyone's enjoy this!
K3 Visa said…
Very interesting video.
I really enjoy.