Space Age - A - Go - Go featuring Raquel Welch

The Jackson 5 on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, 1972

Leave It To Roll-Oh {1940}

Submitted for your approval

It's about two astronauts, it's about their fate It's about a woman and her prehistoric mate

The Jughead hat

Famous Photographers Tell How

They give us those nice bright colors

The Carpenters: On "Pop" of the World!

Every time the slightest little thing goes wrong, Mom starts to sing this familiar song

House + Home:

Hula Honeys {Something Weird/ 1950s}

In Appreciation of the Stylists of America


House + Home: Yee-Haw Industries

Jacqueline Taïeb

Bob Bogle 1934-2009

Fun Times: Classic Newsreel from Universal News {April, 1959}

Here Comes The Bride: Budget Minded and Stylish Ideas

House + Home: Some of This, Some of That

D.E.V.O. - Honda Scooter Commercial {1984}

The Soupy Sales Show: Pookie Sets Soupy Straight {1965}

Tales of Tomorrow: A Child Is Crying {1951}

The Ink Spots: It's Only A Shanty in Old Shanty Town

Fried Chicken For Some Good, Soft Music {The Blast-Off Girls/1967}

The End of An Era: Analog Television {June 12, 2009}

Dickie Goodman: Batman and His Grandmother {Red Bird/1966}

Design: Kathryn Murray Calligraphy {Hollywood, California}

You Can't Have One Without The Other: Raymond Scott + J Dilla

Illustrations by {Andy Hart}


'Get the Stick and beat it'