Fashion Horizons {1940}

Yes, A Real Vacation Would Be Sweeter Than Sugar!

The Monkees: Goin' Down {1967}

Buffy And The New Girl (Whitman)

Cereal … in … space

Have a blast, have some Tang

Now he walks

Try some before you blast off

Space is the place

As Cute as a Button: Vintage style dresses {July, 2009}

Ding Dong School: How to make a Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich

Found On Flickr: Planet of the Apes Halloween Costume {1974/ Ben Cooper}

Johnny Quest for PF Flyers

Which is the original?

Abner Graboff

Those cycles look like George Barris jobs!

Well it's way, way down where the cane grows tall, down where they say 'Y'all'

Now Hear This! — Mrs. Beasley Doll

Bob & Dusty's Imaginary Hide-A-Way (Bonus Editon):