The Threads of Summer

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Saving Up for that Big Vacation?

Baby, It's You!

Learn to 'make do'!

"Miss Mantan…for that young outdoor tan look!"

Tuesday Weld: Birthday Gal

"Prevent the spread of mouth infection"


Two-tone wool jersey dress by Frances Frocks Original(s)

Math by the yard

Birthday wishes to …

Are you a "Sea Nymph"?

Take A Trip on The Enterprise

Paging - Nurse Bacall

Wake Up…It's Waffle-Time!!!

A Job Well Done

What's New: 1965 Chevrolets

Hoppity-Hop-Hop: Women's slippers take a leap

Chris Dedrick 1947-2010

Wild and wonderful!

With special guest stars The Monkees

Move in a Little Closer

The Cowboys and Indians of Madison Avenue

Space is the Place!